poster_of_mirzya_filmNOT A REVIEW. A Rip-Off.

RAKESH OM PRAKASH MEHRA(ROM) – Naam bade aur darshan khotey.

RAKESH OM PRAKASH MEHRA – well if he can rip his movie off we are just ripping the review rather bringing the fact out.

MIRZYA is nothing but ROM’s Marz of thoughts, filmography, cinematography, music, direction seems like all the attributes of Mirzya are suffering from ROM’s Marz and he thought he is creating a POETRY. The opening credits had two different labels for choreography “choreographer and “Director of Choreography”. Wonder from where does these come from. He has done an intended PUN on his filmography.

Gulzar writing a story after 13 years, the maestro, guess knew ROM would not be able to canvas his vision, he hardly wrote anything it seems for them. Just did his obligation.

Personally, I’ve never liked ROM’s films and this one none in the globe would like it.

The film fraternity garnered on twitter blabbering the performances of Harshvardhan & Saiyami Kher few days back. I remember Shobha De tweeted stating Saiyami Kher is like Kajol meets Deepika, God bless her she herself is when Ila Arun meets Rakhi Sawant on this one. She congratulated Harvardhan Kapoor on picking up unconventional debut where he did not have to drop the towel; Poor guy, he wasn’t even knowing this would turn out to be so unconventional that it hardly might find takers anywhere. He says he has given 3 years, surprisingly he doesn’t even have few lines to deliver forget dialogues. By far one can say Mirzya is a non-dialogue film. Other than Daler Mehndi’s voice nothing “goonjes” in Mirzya. On another sad note, film begins with the scene having Om Puri in frame, a real bad omen at the beginning which they could have chopped it easily like his appearance eventually faded out in the movie. He truly became Mr.India and no one was even interested in seeing him again. ROM had a super vision on Om Puri’s future.

Poor Little Kapoor gave away his 3 years to the story where they couldn’t even find “Sahibaan ne teer kyun tode the” That mystery continues, as Mirzya fails to showcase why she broke the arrows. May be because it ripped through the kid’s ribs or even if it has any reasoning who the bloody hell is interested. I’m glad I’m deprived of this intellect.

I’m still wondering where did the Lion go. If at all you end up watching this one, please look for the lion. Even he denied eating his ready meal in Harshvardhan Kapoor. Ah! Don’t bother leave the Lion alone in the jungle. Where would you see people going on a jungle night safari on horses, with fire torches, singing as if they are off for a picnic.

ROM has missed on the main component of the film making; story telling. Focusing more on the presentation he loses his vision of a director in Mirzya. The second parallel run doesn’t justify or say anything other than making the parallel run predictive. Well there is nothing to predict also. The parallel sequence moves so slow as if you are watching Mithun Chakraborty doing a break dance in a slow motion.

ROM’s contemporary attempt fails to appeal, fails to entertain, fails to reason, succeeds to boredom. The lovers hardly speak, they whisper and suddenly you have loud music that just doesn’t sync with the film. The movie is not even a visual treat what many fakers would boast about.

Well ROM is done with his part, Mirzya is released, the tough part would be for the reviewers who would be forced to give this a 3 plus stars and justify that. It would be their craft to get the audiences to the theaters. Feel like real sorry for them.

Out here, it doesn’t even earn a star. Super Duper TIN.

Verdict: Negative.

P.S. Dear Anil Kapoor, we heard you saying your family has given blood to the industry. The audience also give their Khoon Pasine ki kamaai to see films; they better be good.

We have showered our love on you and we shall do it on your son too. We look forward to his next Bhavesh Joshi.For Saiyami Kher, she can go and meet Kajol & Deepika Or Shoba De for that matter.