befikre_poster#Befikre – Bare Boring Bakwas

Sajid Khan’s Befikre is just another Himmatwala. Ya Ya I know the director is Aditya Chopra who has become a synonym to Sajid Khan after making this Bare Boring Bakwas Befikre.

Befikre = Himmatwala probably the later could be better.

So what makes Befikre different from Himmatwala, Himmatwala had a story. Befikre has not. Himmatwala had a poor execution Befikre has ZERO Execution. The film in indeed a Dare coming out from Yash Raj Films the long legacy turns out to be a lusting Sajid Khan’s climax. And the truth is it’s one of the worst films coming out from the YRF house.

Befikre Title song is like Bunty Aur Babli where they use to con, here what they do is Porn. From a random date to a random mate, from living to break-ups to wedding vows, this one is a piece of shit. Salaam Namaste was far ahead of it’s time and Aditya Chopra needs to revive. Even if he has blended Befikre from several films here and there, the blend is just not good. The opening casting credits  song has the same concept as what we had in Dil toh Pagal Hai “Ek duje ke vaste” with the only difference here they kiss care free. The break-up or acceptance song, choreography is similar to Arrey re arrey ye kya hua from the same film. The concept revolving around Mohabhat Dosti hai, If he cannot be your friend he cannot be your love. Recent comparison could be Ae Dil Hai Mushkil too, there faces were known, here only face known is Ranveer Singh. Who cares about Vaani Kapoor or another male lead who does a Ashwarya Rai role here. That was simple. This is complex with lines being borrowed from the titles Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Sharat Kataria one of the dialogue writers really need to work than just being there on the credits. He is the one who gave his directorial “Dum laga ke Haisha” can’t believe he has no words to produce for Befikre. They all have stood Befikre for the making of the film.

You may wonder what flow this review is going, Take a Dare visit a cinema near you and see what makes more sense.

For those who are Fans of Ranveer Singh, they by far know this man is full of energy, fan of Anil Kapoor and loves the track My name is Lakhan. What an integration of this comes in the movie in Karaoke. They are free to do whatever they do at the cost of your ticket money. Made no sense the karaoke night. It was a big NO Fun. Torture on your ears and all the body parts. Someone insisted concentrate on a genre Romantic Comedy. This is tragic. If films genre is to be kept in mind, films like Mirzya could also be thought of a painting genre and given away 4-5 star rating. Films like Himmatwala could also be thought of giving away 4-5 star ratings in Drama genre. Vidya Balan’s dialogue from Dirty Picture conveys it right – Filmein sirf 3 wajah se chalti hai and you get it. Befikre is their careless attempt to make anything but entertaining.

The one star on my rating is just for Ranveer Singh. Vaani Kapoor is another HERO of the film, zero heroine attributes, the third lead whomsoever he is or was doesn’t even matter. Music is pathetic, Background score is more pathetic. It’s a heinous crime sitting through this film with open ears. I had to hold my palms on my ears on several occasions.

The climax yet again is nothing but what you would usually witness in a Sajid Khan Film; right out of his Houseful series. Sajid Khan would be on seventh sky coming across this review with a great feeling that he too has a director follower that too from YRF’s house.

Kiss here Kiss there, Love carefree, Live carefree, kiss care free but please don’t make films so carefree that nobody cares the YRF Legacy.

Verdict: Super Tin*