#Raees – A Good Bad Man


Finally, the much steamed Raees is ready to vaporize tomorrow in the cinema halls near you. It brings in the right SRK heat. Raees is not one of his brilliant films but indeed one of his good films in the recent past. Raees brings you the bad man with the goodness of his character pepped up on him nicely making Raees a richer experience giving SRK that much required edge of being a Khan of the Bollywood.

The good that takes over him making Raees go down on his knees is The man Nawazzudin Siddiqui whose introduction in the film is mind blowing bringing in the right wit alive. SRK’s introduction is a journey from the childhood to his age of crime, Nawazuddin’s one intro scene kills it all. He is that spice that makes Raees a richer experience, Raees is that game of Dog and the Bone that loses the bone and still keeps the chase on. The first half is impressive the second is where they loose the plot yet they succeed to keep you glued with their sheer screen presence and performances.

Right from scene one you see the formation of Raees and you strongly connect with him though nasty yet charming; the plot may not be so interesting but the one liners on business rules are interesting. The director succeeds to showcase the vision of good business man by making Raees pick ideas from day to day experiences. The style that Nawazuddin Siddiqui adds with his sheer presence is commendable.

Rahul Dholakia has been able to pull-off the plot well. The film has a decent action direction and some wonderful one liners with the punched background score making you crave for more but it just makes you crave for more it had a wider scope at the offering. Some of the one liners do fall flat for reasons unknown.

Mahira Khan is pretty and fits in the skin of Aasiya well. she has a good screen presence than what Sonakshi Sinha would probably have in such films.

Atul Kulkarni has a passing supporting role in the film. SRK brings the curtains down for him on a Sunny Leone Night ringing in the pre-climax even before the interval making you feel at fast pace post interval you lose that pace.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub as SRKs friend seems to be getting stereo-typed and doesn’t really adds that value as a right hand other than the ease at which we are used to watching him in such characters. His best was Ranjhana in this avatar of supporting roles.

SRK’s mother played by Sheeba Chaddha has little to do but its impactful, the way she leaves the roots of Raees in Raees is where the film lies strongly making Raees A Good Bad Man.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s