Sanjay Gupta is known to be passionate about thrillers and the second trailer of Kaabil reflects his love for the genre. The trailer leaves you intrigued and transfixed at the same time. As we have guessed, Kaabil is a classic vendetta saga. It is a story that never goes out of fashion. Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam have brought a level of intensity that is matched by the few lighter moments of their love. As we know, they play a much in love visually challenged couple, whose dreams of happily ever after go for a toss when they get implicated in a crime. Here are our five best moments from the trailer…


Violence can be as hypnotic as it is repulsive. While we see villains brandishing swords and guns in every second flick, the sight of a visually impaired Hrithik getting a hang of the sharp awls sets the mood for the revenge drama quite perfectly.


What we loved about Kaabil’s trailers is how it celebrates life despite its challenges. We see Hrithik aka Rohan getting flirty with the piano teacher played by Yami. He knows he is trying to ‘be friends’ with her while she is as dismissive as any girl would be. It is just too cute.


This is indeed one of the most poignant scenes from the trailer. Yami tells Hrithik that their lives will never be the same again. We cannot make out what is more heart-wrenching, the rejection with which Yami accepts their fate or Hrithik’s despondent look on knowing that their lives are shattered forever.


From utter disappointment to cynicism, Hrithik conveys it beautifully when he says that people tend to overlook things as per convenience. The whole objective of existing for revenge comes through when he hints that you all will not understand what has hit you so hard from now on.


We always root for the underdog. We are sure when Hrithik openly challenges the bad guys played by Rohit and Ronit Roy, there will be a lot of whistles in the auditorium. The actor knows how to play to the gallery and Kaabil explores this facet well.


It was the darker moments from the trailer that I liked the more but this one scene is damn funny. Hrithik plays a prank on Yami posing as an astrologer on the phone. His expressions after knowing that she is fooled are priceless.


This scene is totally in sync with the theme of the film that the mind sees it all. Though he is blind in the film, Hrithik’s looks scream out vendetta.