Firangi – A Bad Kick

Rajiev Dhingra’s Kapil Sharma Starrer turns out to be a bad kick, it not only lacks entertainment, the story doesn’t really leave much scope for anyone to shine in their performance than be it Kapil too. It’s a flat film that can doze yFirangiou off to sleep. The film doesn’t really give any scope for Kapil to perform other than carrying a flat face.

Kapil Sharma the man of your living room who succeeded each time making you laugh week after week fails to even tickle in Firangi. Least you you can expect from him is indeed to make you laugh and that doesn’t happen. Agreed he is not born to make us laugh but he is the one who sets this expectation at par. Firangi’s poster or trailer did showcase that Kapil is spinning comedy with a story that is historical pre-independence light hearted fun film but the film fails to live up to the expectations.

Forget comedy, it has neither drama nor romance, neither any thrill of any interesting performances from the line of actors it has.

Kumud Mishra plays the Raja who is badly caricatured as the Air India Maharaja coming alive on screen. The actor who has impressed us with the variety of roles he played fails to leave any impact in Firangi, same is the case with Rajesh Sharma and Anjan Srivastav too. It is the content that makes them deprive to perform.

The trailer that made Firangi much awaited leaves you crave for some laughs or any entertainment. The love story hardly has any love in it, all what Ishita Dutt does is hold her dupatta and smile. Monica Gill too has nothing much to do than be the lust factor of Daniel.  The era may be pre-independence, the audience that watches the film is way ahead of independence and execution of content matters. Firangi has a good story but poor conviction, poor execution and poor production.

The film has many songs and none of them is impressive. The Mujra song only defines the grade of the film reaches at.The shafa of wit kapil is born with is indeed the missing factor of Firangi that makes it a bad kick.

Verdict: Super Tin*