The Post – Enthralling Engrossing Entertaining

Steven Spielberg’s posts a great cinema on the celluloid not just by bringing the era alive but also giving you goose bumps on how journalism can evolve and create a history out of the history.


The PostThe Post is the classic story of American Journalism that includes the stellar actors Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep is brilliant in her act and shines with her sheer performance playing Katharine Graham. Tom Hanks plays Ben The Editor and his act is class apart too. He is always at the ease of his act shining in his performance.

Based on the true story of the year 1971, where Media roars and tries to bring the house down of the Then President Nixon, exposing the situation US government on their take during the Vietnam war. Right journalism is nothing but ringing in the better society. The Post does that. The people involved do that, inspired by true events, Steven Spielberg gives you the drama you become part of. Nail biting decision makings makes you feel part of the drama making you wait to hear “Go Ahead” that becomes your inner voice too.

The film is not just a visual delight it is intellect delight too. For the validation of facts, one may have to google out some history on the subject, otherwise The Post leaves a mark as a great Enthralling Engrossing Entertainer this weekend from the west inspired by true events.

Verdict: Gold****