Airlift – Lift-up your Patriotism. Vande Mataram!!!

Here comes the Standing Ovation Cinema. Take a Bow Ranjit Katyal for giving a path to this cinematic experience. Take a Bow Raja Krishna Menon for bringing the Hero on Screen giving us a great watch. Take a Bow Akshay Kumar for being a super Ranjit Katyal.

Airlift is an experience you MUST take.

Climax brings in the definite Goose Bumps; it doubles the rush of blood into your heart giving you a proud feeling. It may be easy for Johars & Barjatyas to make you shed tears over family dramas. It takes quite an effort for someone to make your eyes wet making you feel proud for your Country. Airlift Does that. Raja Krishna Menon does that. Akshay Kumar does that.


Many of us might not have heard the name of the great patriot Mr. RANJIT KATYAL (you may check on Google). He is a patriot Indian billionaire business man in Kuwait.

When Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait in 1990, there were 1,70,000 Indians trapped in Kuwait. We had a joker PM VP Singh (mandal commission infame). He neither had the guts nor the courtesy to contact Saddam and ask for their evacuation. None from the so-called Gandhi family or Natwar singh who jointly made billions from Iraq food for oil trade with Iraq spoke a word about Indians trapped in Kuwait. This is when Ranjit Katyal, a common man with took upon himself the task of evacuation and with the help of Air India Civilian Pilots all the 1,70,000 Indians were safely brought back within 59 days. He didn’t bother to know which region or religion the Indian belong to. Ranjit Katyal. He finds a place in Guinness book of world records as the only individual involved in such a massive rescue operation. Unfortunately, very few Indians know about this. And Kudos to Raja Menon the Director for bringing this on the celluloid with excellence.

The movie does begin with the celebration in Kuwait making you peek a boo into Ranjit Katyals life living in a big mansion along with his wife Nimrat kaur and a daughter. In few minutes itself you witness the persona of the character Akshay Kumar plays and you see the transition soon after series of incidents take place. Kuwait is under the attack and people are been shot to dead; terror beyond imagination is struck and no matter who HE is. He too is under the risk of multiple layers. Kuwait government elopes; Indian Government not much aware of the situation and the matter is not taken seriously by the efforts taken by Ranjeet Katyal. Soon Ranjeet Katyal the man who keeps himself first – transitions to keep his people first – becomes a great leader and takes the task onto his shoulders.

With great challenges, the man single handedly overcomes it all shiningly. It’s a victorious true story that’s motivating; moving and over whelming bringing in a wow factor. Bringing an Indian Factor in you.

Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal is in stellar performances – undoubtedly he is at best of his game. His breakdown, his confidence, his sensitivity, his ability to emote, his ability to deliver. Airlift has it all. You will see him shake a leg, hit it hard, play it intelligent, being responsible. All this makes him a great Hero a real Ranjit Katyal coming live in him; making you feel you are living the situation. This is where he puts a soul brilliantly giving you a wow factor. Airlift purely belongs to Akshay Kumar and it belongs to each one of us making us proud Indians. Thank you Raja Menon for giving us Airlift.

Airlift – Go for it.

Rating 4.5*s