Aiyaary – Unintelligent Trickery!!!

AiyaarySo it is not just Sanjay Leela Bhansali who revolves around his own creation and brings-in something on screen repetitively. Even if he does; he brings in a great perfection in his imperfections too. Each frame is a painting if not a poetry.

Neeraj Pandey is trying to achieve the same in his own frames that are not only poorly directed, they are not well written too.  Alas! Aiyaary doesn’t even have a fresh background score neither did Naam Shabana. Ok Naam Shabana wasn’t directed by him, but it was a prequel to Baby so probably can have the same background score, one may justify. But What makes Aiyaary have the same background score? – Lack of creativity or tricking around audience. Indeed, Aiyaary falls flat and not just on background score; overall.

Neeraj Pandey who redefined Fridays with his A Wednesday followed by special 26 and then giving a Baby that was over the edge and heart popping experience; conveyed Dhoni’s biography with great conviction is out to trick his audience with his latest Aiyaary only to disappoint thoroughly. Aiyaary seems to be running through a set template that stands stale for now and fails to ignite any interest even when you think that it will pickup now it only falls down further.

It is post interval when probably the adrenaline rush should have gone high, they make you sigh be re-defining their characters through two past short stories post interval – a complete misfit in the already not so moving plot. You wonder why one of the officers gets a local traitor to kill near the banks of river in Kashmir; makes him drink and serves him Maggi, the another officer only runs to fetch maggi, what a bravery sorry trickery; wherein, he could have been shot on the spot. You come back to the present day only to be bored ahead.

The trailer gave the right insight that Aiyaary is going be a good cat and mouse chase but the film tries hard making them pounce on each other raising no bar of interest.

Naseeruddin Shah is just out of A Wednesday with his repeated performance and a dialogue; giving a special appearance that is no special in any case. Anupam Kher slides in post interval with a straight face not knowing what is happening around and is picked up as a messenger. Adil Hussain is given good suits but not a good role same is the case with Kumud Mishra; he brings in lot of weight but not on screen.The sloppy direction, the repetitive background score, poor editing, bad screenplay Aiyaary has it all. Derby is a game of street peddler redefined Robinhood for street dogs. Aiyaary is indeed an Underdog.

One star for Manoj Bajpayee for making you sit through till the end. Others don’t even need a mention here; they just have been tricked to play a role in Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary.

Verdict: Super Tin*