AKIRA – An Arabic name for girls that means Light, Intelligence and what not. The Director here deprives your intelligence throwing you in the dark, making you witness the worst Bollywood can bring in under the name of cinema. AR Murugadoss’s AKIRA captions “No one will be forgiven” is actually targeted to the audiences that would land up in the cinema halls which itself would be rare seeing the lead cast. And for those who would; definitely they wouldn’t be forgiven. The director thinks he can evolve a female Dabangg and make this film run. I’m sure he wouldn’t be forgiven for making AKIRA.

138 minutes of torture begins with a traditional story telling and it seems interesting for first few minutes and than you wait for the buildup to happen and you keep waiting as the director not loses his vision of the story; he deprives your intelligence so much that you sulk in your seat pitying the shit you are watching. The only impressive line comes from Konkana Sen is “seedhey chalne ke liye bahut ghoomna padta hai” Hope the philosophy is taken well by the director and film industry as all what they want is to package, produce and market F*** the content; make the movie run for 3 days and party on the 4th day calling a Success Press Conference depriving audience further and taking media as well for granted.

If they follow the philosophy and do some hard work on their content and make their script crisp; stories would definitely bake out well making you enjoy the cookie.

Anurag Kashyap the Bad man is almost missing in the second half may be he must be busy directing one of his project. Konkana Sen Sharma is impressive in a very little to do role but again the talent is wasted. So is Amit Sadh; his existence hardly matters or for that matter Atul Kulkarni as well. Come-on I couldn’t find anything entertaining in a movie coming from a director who made Ghajini. Hope he gets the syndrome of long term memory loss and forgets making movies.

Neither Ghajini was original nor is this. It’s a pity that even ready food cannot be served hot. AKIRA is stale.