Nitya Mehra’s directorial debut Baar Baar Dekho will force you to think the future to make today better. Very rightly focused on the dilemma of the youth today with the integral thought process of what lies in the future and what one should be focusing upon in the present makes Baar Baar Dekho an intellectual watch.

What looked to be the super cool spin from the first look Kala Chashma; Baar Baar Dekho indeed comes as quite a thoughtful film. A story of Jay and Diya, who spent their childhood together, grow together and wanna live happily ever after. What lies in their future or for that matter anybody’s future who hesitate to tie the knot focusing their careers Baar Baar Dekho tries to bring in the striking balance for such wandering minds.

Jay A Mathematician professor who tries to find logic in each and everything looks for a balance in life but looses one when nears his wedding and wanna take a leap giving inertia to his career and his dreams hopping the love of his Life-Diya. Diya wants to  marry her childhood love and proposes Jay, Jay unsure of where life is heading and finds himself in a situation he shouldn’t be. Marriage is not his focus right now, almost at the verge of break-up gulps a bottle of champagne only to wake up finding himself married and on a honeymoon. This is where time leaps start occurring forward and backward divided by the interval. Till the interval all you do is wander whether this would have more food for thought or not. Post interval the director succeeds to get the ideology on track sharply and you know what Baar Baar Dekho is trying to communicate and it will hit you hard and shall force you to get some balance in your life; making you all connect with it instantly. It would force you to think, value, prioritize the people who form your circle of your happiness and where you would take the forward bend. The philosophy Dharma Productions have always portrayed; the director succeeds to be in sync with their production house.

The story that is simple and not out of the box has the complexity to make you think out of the box with its execution. The forward and backward leaps makes the film interesting making your mind wander of what’s happening. Sidharth Malhotra delivers one of his best performances almost at all the variation of the age his role has. Katrina Kaif compliments well and her younger presence shines beautifully.


The Musical tracks doesn’t disturb the plot and are synched well. Dariya track stays with you and grows on you well even after you leave the auditorium which is a rare case these days.

If you think, Baar Baar Dekho is the cool romcom than you are mistaken. Indeed it is a thoughtful film and a must watch for the people dating, for the people who are in the wedlock. This would just help each one to balance out their equation.

Baar Baar Dekho – Zaroor Dekho..