Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Much Awaited story that almost took a decade to develop finally reaches the theaters today. With so much buzz around the movie; sky-high expectations movie is just a mediocre product coming out of Bhansali Productions doesn’t gives us a WOW Factor. Wish only movies could be made as well as their trailers. From what seemed to be the Standing Ovation Product this one just turns out to be one the Passing movies of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Alas!!! A Platinum Product has gone Tin.


Film though is a visual treat as all SLB movies are; this one lacks the great one liner dialogues his movies has. Character Development which really goes strong usually in his movies; this one doesn’t really create any good scope for anyone other than the lead cast. Aditya Panscholi from the first frame did really give a hope; so did Milind Soman, Mahesh Manjrekar – but they hardly have much to do in the movie. Pure flat execution with no highs and lows becomes a big visual boredom. If someone shines its definitely the Trio Ranveer, Deepika & Priyanka – It is somewhere because of them you won’t leave the auditorium else the movie fails to keep you engage with its flat execution.

The first frame of the movie itself is so perfect that you expect more perfection from SLB; Ranveer Singh’s Dialogue delivery amuses you; action scenes are beautifully directed that Indian Cinema would not have witnessed at this scale but the passing wars aren’t so interesting as they would sound. These wars did showcase Bajirao’s strength and forte of being a Peshwa but fails to integrate with the movie. Mastani impresses you with her sheer screen presence and succeeds to mesmerize with her charm; SLB gives her a great platform to perform; but fails to make you feel for Mastani. Priyanka Chopra looks stunning and does her part well; yet you wouldn’t feel the pain that she goes through. This usually is not the case with SLB films; he does connect you to the soul of his characters and you feel what they go through; Bajirao Mastani goes pure flat here.

Music of the film as well doesn’t leave any landmark barring the Mastani song where Deepika mesmerizes you at her best. Pinga is something which you would probably get bore on the bring screen playing on your phone as by now you must have seen N no. of times on music channels. Rest of the songs are as forgettable as their recent launches not leaving any good recall value.

If only the War scenes would have been well integrated along with the Story; character development would have been better; meatier roles to supporting cast; good dialogues would have made this visual treat- a treat to remember.