·         After the luxury budget task Toofan comes to an end, Manveer and Rohan become the contenders for the captaincy

·         On Day 74, Bigg Boss introduces the captaincy task wherein Manveer and Rohan have to compete through a flower bed task

·         A mud bed is placed in the garden area and Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink)

·         After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it with their share of flowers

·         They are given two hours to cover it and when only 10 mins are left, Bigg Boss intimidates them

·         In order to draw a fair conclusion, Manveer and Rohan start plucking each other’s flowers and throwing it out

·         But Swami Om barges in and starts plucking Rohan flowers. Manu, Gaurav, and other housemates ask Swami Om to stop his actions but he refuses to stop

·         After he repeats it for the second time, Rohan gets agitated and gets a bit physical and they get into an ugly fight

·         The housemates try and control them but Swami Om and Rohan’s brawl gets intense