Gaurav and Bani’s show

  • Since the housemates did not get the luxury budget for the past few weeks, Bigg Boss introduced a new luxury budget task- Gaurav and Bani’s chat show
  • Except Gaurav and Bani, it was a secret task for the rest of the housemates
  • Bani and Gaurav who were in the confession room are required to honestly answer questions thrown at them. Considering it was a secret task Bani and Gaurav were told that they are going live and the audience have questions for them which on their behalf Bigg Boss will ask them
  • Technically it was the housemates asking those questions to them and they could see them giving the responses on the jio TV in the living area
  • In the end Bigg Boss asked for the contestants’ point of view- if they thought Bani and Gaurav were honest which was the deciding factor for the luxury budget task gaurav-bani-show