In the wake of the dismissal of Swami Om from the Bigg Boss house, host Salman Khan begins the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on a very disconcerting note. He strongly condemns Swami Om’s behavior and says that he is glad that Bigg Boss took a prompt decision of throwing him out of the house. Salman also adds that he had never imagined that Swami Om would stoop so low in order to win a task. He also appreciates the contestants for handling the situation with dexterity.




Salman further moves on to discussing the other aspects of the captaincy tasks and questions Rohan for being brash and impetuous. He asks him as to why did he think that he was the sole contestant supporting Bani while he thought that others were supporting Swami Om.  Salman reminds him that it was only with the help of Manu and Manveer was he able to put Swami Om inside the jail after he attacked him. Rohan justifies his stand by saying that after the task commenced, all the contestants started attacking Bani’s pyramid. This left him wondering whether they are supporting Om Swami or Bani. He also adds that he did not intend to hurt anyone but at the same time wanted to prove that he was openly supporting Bani. Salman further puts Manu in the spot and asks him that if Swami Om would have chosen him to be a representative in the task, what would have been his strategy. Manu replies in affirmation and says that he would have put in all efforts to make Swami Om win. The housemates and Salman Khan give him stern reaction for being unreasonable.



Up next, Salman questions Bani for being irresponsible during the entire Swami Om fiasco and for breaking the basic rules of the house like wearing a mic. He also says that she was very close to becoming the next captain of the house but she lost is because of her immaturity. Bani gets extremely flustered and talks to Salman disrespectfully. She says that how were her actions not justified when Swami Om had dropped urine on her. Furthermore, Bani breaks down while talking to Salman and says that she removed her mic because she was very agitated and just wanted to talk to Bigg Boss. Salman maintains his composure and rationally explains his thoughts. He asks Bani to stay strong and not get bothered by people like Swami Om. On that note, Salman makes an exit.



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