Majid Majidi’s Beyond the clouds is a cinema where the art pours. Ishan Khattar’s debut is unconventional yet promising. He gets to do it almost all and is quite convincing. Malavika Mohana is decent too; she resembles a lot to Deepika Padukone. The soul of the film lies under the baseline story of humanity that evolves in the characters with the situations life throws on them.

Amir and Tara are siblings separated through circumstances. Circumstances indeed play an important role in shaping their journey in the film. Amir is a drug peddler who wants to make it big; Tara is somewhere looking for that strong emotional shoulder which she finds in a “Chhotu” immensely adorable and talented kid whose innocence wins you over and succeeds to bring you some smiles in this dark cloud journey.

The plot though a thriller loses its thrill and becomes a pure emotional rider; riding high on humanity. The action goes missing, the first chase scene is brilliantly shot in the lanes of Mumbai with a great background score raising your adrenaline rush; post this the adrenaline rush is lost and the film completely rides on the emotional moments; tormenting situations where the find peace in their broken pieces. There is betrayal, there is bonding, there is disappointment, there is hope. There is communication barrier yet they succeed to connect hearts.

What the film doesn’t loose is the vision of the director. His camera rides smooth and aesthetically. The scene on the rooftop of Dhobighat is a wow factor, the scene where the mother along with two daughters and Ishan individually perform their segment in the backdrop of the poster wall is commendable art. The film has the right cast, each character plays brilliant making this cloud shine.

Beyond the Clouds is straight from the heart; conventional yet unconventional.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s