That’s Black Panther for you. Coming from the house of Marvel Studios – Black Panther is one of the most awaited film since the time of its inception.

Black Panther is simply breathtaking. It makes you sit back on your seat with 100% attendance without allowing you to even blink away from the screen. However, at the blink of an eye they swipe you away in their present day to the centuries to their ancestors and brining you back on your seat marvelously.

Ryan Coogler -The director and screenwriter is crisp in its writing and its execution too. He brings Black Panther alive in his actor Chadwick Boseman who plays the lead and is ace in his performance making your belief strong in the King he is and his Kingdom of Vibranium. The underlying story is simple; Kingdom, throne, conflict and power. Its execution is what makes you sit through at the edge of your seat making you hop through picturesque cinematography in all the era the film hops into; tribal as well as modern day. The attire of the film also has a wide spread for its characters completing the visual delight. The Black Panther suit is classic and succeeds to bring the character alive from the comic books you may have seen.

Coming from the Marvel and Disney Studios, the film is technically apt, be it cinematography, sound, background score, action, the stellar cast, it has it all. The two fight sequences executed at the edge of the mountains are breath-taking and realistic. The thump they create with sound and body gestures is believable giving you goose bumps. It is a must must IMAX Experience. The film is shot for IMAX version and is indeed a visual delight.

The soul of the film is its story; that drives in the right emotions for the characters it has and bringing you in alignment with the vision of the King – The Black Panther.

Go witness the Marvel Studios taking leap with Black Panther and see it to believe it. Grandiose.

Verdict: Platinum*****