dangal_posterHere comes the success story that sparkles right in your eyes with its execution making it an interactive watch; they succeed to make you clap &hoot and sit tight with your chin-up and they lift your mood. They make you rise high with the National Anthem on the win, you stand-up without the compulsion in respect very much feeling for the Country. Very much for Truly deserving Geeta & Babita. Nitesh Tiwari – Take a Bow for delivering a Master Stroke 5.

Dangal belongs to Nitesh Tiwari. The wrestling matches you will witness are so believable that you forget if you are sitting in a cinema hall or a stadium. People around you will create that aura where you will witness a pin-drop silence, long sighing breathes, claps & hoots. Dangal is that interactive an experience that you go PHEW.

Dangal belongs to Fatima Sana Sheikh & her younger version played by Zaira Wasim. It belongs to  Sanya Malhotra & her younger version played by Suhani Bhatnagar. These girls are the pillars of strength that makes Dangal – Dangal. Credit does go to casting Director Mukesh Chhabra. A true eye for the right talent.

Fatima Sana Sheikh is indeed the Hero of the film making Aamir Khan play a supporting role of Heroic Father.

Dangal belongs to Aamir Khan to dare to take up something that doesn’t has much meat to his role. Playing the age that Khan’s shy away to play. He does it effortlessly authenticating the cinema to its purity Dangal comes as an honest story.

The music triumphs at its best, be it songs or background score it influences rightly to the story enriching the experience. Pritam is yet again at its best. The dialogues are well written with right humor and wit.

The earlier anticipation of Dangal having similarities to Sultan ends here.

Dangal has great vision, it’s a true story of determination and achievement. Cherry on the cake is it’s narrative and execution that makes it class apart.

Dangal is gonna be Tax-Free soon.

For now, simply book your tickets at a cinema near you and let this weekend you belong to Dangal.

Verdict: PLATINUM*****