Right from frame one till the end Deadpool glues your eyes on screen with your cheeks wide spread with a smile on your face with the great wit the Real Hero Super Hero brings in. Action keeping you at the edge of your seat throughout this Deadpool is some real deadfun.

deadpool.06c6e133600.originalMarvel productions yet again brings in the marvelous fun on screen. Tim Miller’s execution is brilliant and he succeeds to keep your eyes on screen running through your eye balls on the go. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson Dead pool plays supercool with his witty lines Dead pool ensures to bring in some great laughs along with brilliant action. Its smart execution taking you back n forth in the narration keeps your interest glued. Before the action kicks off you Deadpool traveling in the cab with our very own Raj Kapoors Songs “Mera Joota hai Japani” is a great connect you would have. Post that it goes Dhadaam Dhadaam & Dhadaam.

Deadpool is a great comic revenge drama that unfolds the narration on the go with some real great breathtaking action scenes. Wade Wilson is on the hunt of Francis who injected wade to trigger a mutation making him look weird forcing him to wear a mask. In the process, his cancer is treated making him immortal bringing out a super hero in him – he christens himself to be a Deadpool. He attacks Francis in an attempt to kill him and lets him go when he claims that he is the only one who can cure his skin back to its initial state, taking the chase ahead.

Deadpool when he was cool also encounters his lady luck in Vanessa whom he leaves when he collapses knowing he’s got cancer. Post the incident in the lab; he walks down the street and realizes that he is not fit to return to Vanessa. However, the climax destiny helps him get her back bringing the Super Hero lines – You don’t need to be a superhero to win the Girl. You need the right girl to make you the super hero. To catch up the remaining we highly recommend you go watch it and stay tuned till the end.


Rating: 4/5