Dunkirk – Live the War

Christopher Nolan is back. The war saga that Dunkirk brings in; its an experience in itself. Without much of the bombarding; Dunkirk take you to the crux of the feelings of what goes in the war. Fear, strength, courage, anxiety, power Dunkirk has it all.

Shot with Imax cameras; the film is an experience treat on Imax with thundering sound, vibrating seats it brings you goosebumps in some of the scenes. Without the film being 3D you have an outstanding cinematic experience.


The historical Dunkirk evacuation that happened during the second world war is best executed here by the director making you live the moment. Multi vision Christopher Nolan brings you the ultimate war experience from the land, sea and air. The film has less dialogues; the moments developed through the details creates the right curiosity to drill down the history of the year 1940 when 3,30,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated. These were surrounded by the German army at the time of second world war.

The film is a war visual spectacle with brilliant sound score by Hans Zimmer. It stars Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Marck Rylance in key roles helping bring the war alive with their brilliant act. It’s an intimate epic that keeps you glued unlayering the series of events that formed Dunkirk evacuation the biggest. The director Christopher Nolan just makes this experience bigger. If war films appeal you than Dunkirk is for you. Go live the war.

Rating: Gold****