Yash Chopra gave us Rahul in SRK as Antihero that gave birth to millions of FANs to SRK. Making the star SRK himself so self-obsessed that his attitude roared the industry and SRK was tagged as King Khan. Kings legacy continues and now Yash Raj Film captures his real life essence into the reel life; his self obsession chases himself in Maneesh Sharma’s FAN giving us a SRK 360-degree effect.

Enjoy the trailer first  before you read on:

Maneesh Sharma seems to be bringing the antihero back in SRK as Aryan giving us something that we as FANs have been missing since quite a while. May be – May be not. The trailer generates the right amount of curiosity for us to even conclude if this is gonna be true. But for sure the FAN is gonna be one of the best conceived concept for SRK in the recent years. Either you can hate one and love the another one or vice a versa.

Trailer captures right colors of FAN going Furious to reach out its star. However, he is being denied access by the star Aryan Khanna himself. Insecurity, competitiveness, identity crisis, the fears could be anything. That’s where the plot lies where Aryan Khanna is in a reverse process from Hero to Anti-Hero to teach his biggest FAN Gaurav a lesson for his life. Likewise, a FAN Gaurav for whom things doesn’t turn out to be the way he had perceive, turns him Frantic from a FAN.

Where SRK plays a role where he plays almost himself, then he plays a FAN himself chasing the star doesn’t really leave any room for other artists. Hence, this trailer doesn’t even give you much footage on the tagged leading actress opposite him Shirya Pilgoankar – a name that would remain uncommon for long. Even FAN Poster gives her a miss. Neither does the trailer gives a path for any song. It is cult and straight on the face. FANtastic FAN trailer.

FAN has the similar essence of obsession witnessed in his own DARR giving it a reality as well as reel touch with Mirror going red stating “Main hun toh tu hai”. Love and hatred has the same color red. Fan goes Frantic on being rejected by the idol and ends up challenging his star himself with the lines “A Fan chased a star. A star will now chase a Fan” bringing in the 360degree effect. Director Maneesh Sharma seems to have nailed it right.  For now, you chase the date – FAN would be out on April 15th,2016.