Freaky Ali – Silly Director

freaky-ali-upcoming-movie-poster-release-date-star-cast-mtwiki-2016-nawazuddin-siddiqui-amy-jacksonComing from the Talented Power House of Khans where writers of the Historic Sholay resides; comes a real half baked, lost in the making of what is been cooked comes this sleazy Freaky Ali. Sohail Khan writer director fails to bake it well in spite of having the right ingredient – an Ace artist Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He is an actor with Midas touch; even though Freaky Ali reviews may not be great the actor would be praised for sure; for the rest of the artists are well caricatured in this silly not so sporty film.

If you have seen the trailer the first 15 minutes of the film seems right from the trailer and you wonder if they would have anything more to show. The trailer was crisp the film isn’t at all. It is one of those cookies that looks crisp but when you actually bite it, you feel the sogginess. Ali being denied by a fiancée in the ongoing ceremony for reasons so silly; more silly is the director who knows these reasons are silly. And the director thought he was intelligently creating Amy Jackson’s entry. Not only things come to Ali as fluke, the idea itself seems came as a fluke and they couldn’t develop it well at all.

Ali an abandoned Muslim child brought up by a Hindu woman Seema Biswas promising in her Mother Avatar claiming out loud Ali ke paas Maa hai does comes as a drop of rain in the droughted zone close to the finale match when she vouches out loud about Ali’s victory to Bollywood’s Jaggu Dada under whom all what is registered is BHIDU. That’s why I mentioned other artists are well caricatured in the disguise of bringing some laughter’s in the name of comedy. Indeed, that’s tragedy.


Jas Arora, Ali’s competitor is a bad choice to give any thump to the competition or for that matter some meat to the plot. Arbaaz Khan too is a disappointment and so is Amy Jackson who is just an eye candy to woo audiences to the theatres.

Freaky Ali purely survives because of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and few good lines.