Hugh Jackman’s next Greatest Showman will definitely give you a Deja-vu to our Greatest Showman Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker and you would feel He was so ahead of time; indeed he was.

Greatest Showman

Coming back to Hollywood’s Greatest Showman the film is spectacular yet you feel something is amiss. The film mesmerizes you with its performances, it’s era, it’s stellar cast, it is musical, lyrical it has it all yet somewhere you feel hollow somewhere. It is the cast that holds you on your seats and the execution.  Greatest Showman is not as mesmerizing as La La Land was last year. It gives wings to your dreams and also gives you a reality check on the typical mindset making it predictive and moving away from its artistic form. Nevertheless, Hugh Jackman brings in a stellar performance and so does Michelle Williams who plays his wife and Rebecca Ferguson who plays the opera singer Jenny Lind brings in a spectacular performance in her act.

Hugh Jackman – P.T.Barnum is born in a poor family but dreams big. Falls in love with a rich girl in childhood and dreams a big future with her. It comes as a fairy tale on screen. There camaraderie and journey is brilliant. Their execution keeps you engaged, their musical keeps you enthralled.


P.T.Barnum cons a bank loan and puts a wax museum that doesn’t take any inertia. He comes up with a circus involving people with different abilities and puts them up on stage all together letting them come out of their closets and performing at par. The circus doesn’t go well with the locals around and a critic for no reason apart from disliking Barnum writes him-off. Yet the show goes on. Barnum achieves success and is on the move. Barnum continues to excel and to earn some respect he brings up an opera singer Jenny Lind who woos the audience and gets standing ovations on each of her performance. Barnum gets carried away and there is arrogance at display bringing everything down. He puts everything on stake to do a tour with Jenny Lind to reach at the top just to fall and sing again…..

We light it up, we won’t come down
And the sun can’t stop us now
Watching it come true, it’s taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show

It is the execution of the film that doesn’t really bring an oomph yet Greatest Showman is a good watch. The film had a great scope to shimmer the silver screen.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s