As we all know that Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu have started their shoot for Naam Shabana, the movie is a prequel to their film Baby, which is slated to be released in 2017. Earlier news reports have already revealed that Taapsee has had to train extensively for Naam Shabana to be quipped to do her stunts with great precision. In BABY Taapsee learned MMA and few other techniques for her special role which earned her rag reviews both for her action sequence and her acting prowess. Now with Naam Shabana being fully based on Taapsee’s character in the centre of the story, she has had to learn martial arts like MMA and a bit of aikido apart from Krav Maga. For this Taapsee took over two months of training. To join her on set is Cyril Raffaeli who is a famous Hollywood stuntman and stunts director. He is responsible for creating some splendid action sequences for Taapseew which the audience will get to witness in the movie. Cyril is known for his work in blockbuster movies including “The Incredible Hulk “, “Brothehood of the Wolf”, “The Transformers” and many more. When asked Taapsee’s experience working with him, she said,” He is a fanatic Stuntsman. He makes doing an action sequence very very easy. He is not only a good stunt director but an excellent  teacher too. He know exactly how to mentally motivate a person which helps to perform the stunts more effectively. It’s an honour to work with him.”