INFERNO – Irrfan No!!!

inferno_2016_filmSave the world – Deadly virus – chase the Guns – follow the protocol. Typical Hollywood film. The Twist – Tom Hanks meets Irrfan Khan in the same frame bringing in some rise to the box office numbers before the critics mark down this piece of regular Sh** at Hollywood. Bollywood plan, give Irrfan Khan a prominent place in the poster, he doesn’t exist in Hollywood poster that defines in itself. Deliver Banannas showcasing Apples to the Indian audience. Indeed, Irrfan Khan a power talent house in itself takes him for granted for the Hollywood ride. It would have been just fine even if Upen Patel was chosen for this one.

Coming from Ron Howard this one surely disappoints. David Koepp’s screenplay offers nothing new, its well paced in the beginning but loses the tempo real soon making the flow slow, anticipated predictable climax offers nothing new. Yes, Irrfan Khan has a little meatier role on length than what Anil Kapoor had in Mission Impossible, how prominent it is, just like any other 4th or 5th supporting cast in the Bollywood film. Irrfan Khan Fans would surely be disappointed for the talent gone waste for rest of the audience it may be just a pride factor seeing Irrfan Khan Tom Hanks in one frame. Unfortunately, Hollywood couldn’t meet Bollywood or vice a versa.

What may save Inferno is just the vintage cast and the Director’s filmography. And 2 weeks prior release in India will save something on the commercials riding high on Irrfan Khan here.

Irrfan Khan is not to be blamed. It’s the content that failed. And of Course his choice.

Verdict: Tin **