#JollyLLB2 – Indeed a Jolly Experience.

#JollyLLB2 – Indeed a Jolly Experience.

Jollyllb2“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” is what they convey at the end. I would like to say it at the very beginning of this review. JollyLLB2 is by far a cinematic experience that leads to realistic believe. The statistics the film provides on the judiciary is indeed an eye opener, Saurabh Shukla brings these stats with the perfect wit. He is brilliant.

And Akshay Kumar deserves a bow down, a standing ovation for being consistently brilliant. It would be quite an injustice if this year he isn’t nominated. His fans will rage, for now it’s a great delight to see him as JollyLLB2.

The director Subhash Kapoor is crisp in his writing, his one liners have that humor that leaves you tickled and brings you back to the plot. Screenplay though simple yet unpredictable and does knocks down your assumptions at times making your cinematic experience richer.

Director’s style of introducing Saurabh Shukla with a jig on the Gulaabo from Shaandar makes a shandar experience bringing in a huge smile with just his existence. His aura as a judge is outstanding and hats off to Subhash Kapoor for making it so interesting watching him. He succeeds to showcase him as stupid as one could be and as intelligent as one could be. What a portrayal of a Jugde who has a wit and has a command that makes your belief strong in the system India is abided by.

Akshay Kumar from scene one displays Jolly’s character as nasty and succeeds to develop it to a character people will look forward to. His persona as Jolly succeeds to make you belief of his remorse, his aspiration and undying attitude only makes his character strong winning accolades towards the end.

Annu Kapoor after his spermology comes as a brilliant top-notch lawyer giving his character a great edge with some good wit making the courtroom drama interesting and giving it real tough to Jolly. His character creation, persona does add a great value to watch Jolly LLB struggling to stand tall. He does. Jolly’s journey from an accountant to top-notch lawyer, aspiring himself to be a lawyer, make him do things his character wouldn’t. Nevertheless, it is the series of events you saw in the trailer that forms the crux of the predictable story but the execution doesn’t let you predict much that is where the credit belongs to its writing.

Huma Qureshi has little to do yet her character outshines in her aspirations towards the high end brands and she does come as a full circle to Jollyllb2 of having a heroine complimenting him well. Manav Kaul too has little to do, he is an easy on eyes artist. Kumud Mishra is stellar but his character is quite underwritten. Nevertheless, the film belongs to the Trio Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor top-lined by Akshay Kumar.

The music of the film though not that great doesn’t really disturbs the film watch. It is indeed a good breather in the plot that highly keeps your brains glued to the courtroom drama that needs your attention.

Subhash Kapoor succeeds to entertain and lives up to the expectation in the second series of Jolly too. The trio of Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor and above all Akshay Kumar makes the courtroom scenes engaging, entertaining and enriching.

Be a witness to the Jolly LLB2 at the cinemas near you.

Verdict: GOLD****