Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle – A Fun Game Ride!!!
Jake Kasdan the director of Jumanji sucks you into the game along with their key characters and you are there experiencing their adventure. With your 3D glasses on Jumanji is indeed a ride you should be on this weekend.

Dwayne Johnson does it again with his sheer charisma of being strong and vulnerable playing his part well alongside the other cast that includes Jack Black, Karen Gillan, kevin Hart and Nick jones. Apart from Nick Jones the four characters are on detention in their school and are on imposition when they end up coming across the cartridge video game “Jumanji” and get sucked into the game with the choice of their characters. This is when you get into the game, there is this Jungle Jumanji that is cursed and this A Team is given a task in hand to save Jumanji from the curse by placing a shimmering stone back on Giant Panther that’s the end of game, if the task is not achieved it will be end of their lives in Jumanji.

Jumanji_Welcome_to_the_JungleThe execution of the game is simple yet brilliant, as and when they move they realize their strengths, weaknesses coming alive adding up a fun element. Each one has 3 lives kind of life lines to risk their lives and comeback to each other. The mission wants them all to be together and trust each other. This is where they pass on the capsule of moral message to have trust in your peers and stay together no matter what. This is what they do and together they accomplish the task.

The film is quite decent on scale and has some mind-blowing scenes be it action or humor Jumanji has all the adventure. It keeps you at the edge of your seat when Rhino’s are chasing the helicopter. It makes you go nuts with their conversation on taking a leak. The camaraderie of the characters their conversation and challenges they face  together what makes this ride a great watch.


Go get sucked into the Jumanji adventure.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s