#Kahaani2 – An uninteresting Story!!!

Kahaani2 is a let down. Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani took us by surprise, he shook us with the story that was so compelling, riveting that being a suspense genre Kahaani has a great repeat value. Kahaani2 is so dull that you can easily give a skip even if you are a Vidya Balan fan.

Kahaani2 rides high on expectations considering the fact that Kahaani was a runaway hit. It’s cast was brilliant be it the old lady or the LIC agent or the police inspector. It had brilliant cinematography showcasing Kolkota as delight as it could be in a thriller genre. It engaged you right keeping you tight on your seat giving you a nail biting experience with several wow factors.

Oops!!! This is Kahaani2 review. Kahaani2- Alas! has only two characters rightly cast, Arjun and Vidya, rest are just mere fillers. The little girl is adorable and others are unbearable. Jugal Hansraj, come on, seems he was taken free on-board, to play a negative predictable role. There are reasons he is not seen much; obviously poor acting. Wish someone would have recommended a casting director to Sujoy; I doubt there was one for Kahaani2.

The story does belong to Vidya Balan with the title Durga Rani Singh, the film has a story too, unfortunately, the script is not weaved well for you to get entangled. You come out plain, with the climate as good as Sony’s CID. Guess even they have better suspense than what you would witness in Kahaani2. I wouldn’t even count that as a suspense factor.

Durga Rani Singh plays Vidya too; no it is not a double role, just identity change. No you don’t have to worry I haven’t revealed anykahaani-2-trailer-759thing which I shouldn’t’ have. You can still watch and feel nonsense about it. First few minutes while the build-up is happening, you are focused well, soon you get loose on your seat with the interim narrative coming from the diary and Arjun’s personal life killing the plot somewhere witho
ut adding much value to the story making it uninteresting.

Kahaani2 has nothing to offer.

Verdict: TIN**