Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karun – You Smile You Laugh But you don’t go Mad.

Kapil Sharma The guy who has been making people go mad laughing week after week since quite sometime now enters on the Big Screen to do a little more than what he has been doing on TV. And yes He does that pretty good the sad thing is He is the only one who does good in Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karun. Have it been the editors would have made this a bit crisp could have been a great watch, have it been the writers would have focused a little more on the punches/situations would have emerged better, the emotions would have connected better. Have it been the director duo would have given what they are giving best at ‘the surprises’; this could have been a great watch. Saying it all; nevertheless, Kis Kis ko Pyar Karun rides high on Kapil Sharma and he delivers brilliantly. He acts, he dances, he sings, he cries and he does what he is doing best at – makes you laugh.

The first 30-40 minutes is something which is dragged to the core with silly narration making you witness the 3 accidental marriage’s he had; to showcase how he ended up having 3 wives. Well not bad a thought, but the execution is too poor and prolonged and this is where you start losing hope and you probably have no hopes till the interval. So now when you know, he is holding 3 wives and one girlfriend too; comes the underlying issue to keep everyone happy which people anyways find difficult to keep one wife happy 3 is too big a number then. For Kapil, this is a challenge and he succeeds living up this challenge with twisters which will make you smile and laugh at times. You would encounter some hilarious scenes in some of the situations he encounters.


It is the second half you see things going in one direction and the comedy gets situational and the marriage theme adds the much needed humor and some great laughs.

Having Kapil in hand as an actor who can make you go mad laughing; KKPK just does that in bits and pieces. Varun Sharma his right hand in the movie is good at times with his science but it is the maid who adds up fun with her timing. Arbaaz Khan has little to do but is decent enough to keep a smile on your face. Though the movie has 4 heroines, all have little to do other than sailing the plot. The movie does remind you of the hilarious movie MASTI seeing the kind of 3 women who plays wives to Kapil. Casting could have been far better than these 3 wives; this is where you feel you are watching just another television show. Eli Avram also has little to do. Supriya Pathak fills in as Kapil’s mother but doesn’t have much to showcase; the kind of brilliant comic timing she has – she is definitely underplayed.

So it indeed Kapil on whom the movie rides solely; he delivers good enough making it this mediocre entertainment watchable and enjoyable.