Kriti attracted to play quirky and complex characters

Kriti Sanon who has made her Bollywood debut not so long back, has been acknowledged for her acting skills.

We hear that Kriti Sanon is very fond of layered characters, roles that are challenging and complex to play on-screen.
It’s a win-win situation when such characters have a good backing from the authors/writers and that’s what Kriti is attracted to.
She loves getting into the skin of these characters and decoding them, understanding them and actually living them for that much time span.
Kriti shares “I had never thought of becoming an actor while growing up and hence my only experience has been the films that i have shot so far. I am learning on the job, discovering myself as well as my “process”. I find myself getting attracted to quirky and slightly off beat characters as opposed to a simple girl next door. I have started loving the process of building a character, especially when it has layers and flaws in it which make it real and relatable. Its fun to play a character that’s unique and away from you in some ways.”