Ichhapyaari Naagin showcases the lives and stories of two realms, the Earth and Naagistaan, starring Ichha (Priyal Gor) and Bubble Pratap (Mishkat Verma). Ichha descends on Earth with the humongous task of bursting the myths of naags and naagins. While staying with the Prataap family, she falls in love with the youngest son, Bubble Pratap. The romantic sequences and their on-screen chemistry has garnerned positive response. However, the sudden twist in the latest track promises a shock to fans.

Bubble critically injures himself as a bomb explodes during Diwali celebration and is taken to the ICU with very little chance of survival. Ichha who secretly loves Bubble is devastated by the fact that he is dead and decides to perform a puja called ‘Saanjhpratiyarpan’ where she can give half of her life to Bubble. Knowing there is very little chance of this puja being successful and that it has not proven to be effective on humans, the Naagistaan members warn her not to perform the ritual as it might take her life. It is a very risky and elaborate process that Iccha as a naagin has to undergo to give her life to Bubble and the chances of survival are either / or, both cannot survive though both can die!

Mishkat Verma confirms the news saying, “Bubble gets injured during the Diwali celebration as their rivals in the Akhada replaced the cracker with a real bomb. Bubble is wounded badly to survive and loses his life in the ICU. He is taken back to home to perform his last rites.”

Adding to this, Priyal Gor said, “While Bubble is dead, Iccha feels helpless and in order to save Bubble she performs the puja that is dangerous to her life. Despite being warned by the Naagistaan members she plunk herself into a situation where she falls unconscious while performing the puja.”

Who will survive, Ichha or Bubble ? Will there be a leap or there is more twist in the story?