Manu and Manveer get overwhelming response for Bigg Boss Ticket to Finale week task

·         After successfully completing the solar system task, Manveer and Manu step out of the Bigg Boss house to interact with their fans and seek votes for ticket to finale week

·         The activity took place at a suburban mall in Mumbai wherein Manu and Manveer were put inside a life-size jail and had to appeal for votes

·         Supporters of Manu and Manveer had to put their votes in a ballot box kept in front of them

·         To Manu and Manveer’s surprise, they had become stars after surviving inside the house for 87 days

·         The crowd went berserk and the mall was filled with chants of Manu and Manveer’s name as the fans expressed their love and support for them


·         Not only this, they requested both of them to click selfies with them and also to their signature dance step


·         Girls went all gaga over Manveer and showered him with kisses and roses


·         Manveer also sang songs and performed gidda for his fans


·         They also touched all elderly people’s feet and asked for blessing


·         The crowd was so massive that not only Manu and Manveer got mobbed but the fans also tried to break the jail to meet their favorite contestant