Meet the ultimate Gentleman!

Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez’s film titled A Gentleman is set to release on August 25th. The film has been directed by Raj and DK.

A quirky, action comedy, A Gentleman sees Sidharth Malhotra play the role of Gaurav, who lives in Miami. He is a good-looking, good-natured man and in the words of Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), a damn boring boy.

He likes his simple life. And avoids all kinds of excitement or adventure. He loves his ‘same shit, different day’ routine, and would never even break a traffic rule! His ideal weekend plan: cooking and tending to his new house!

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A perfect Gentleman, Gaurav wants a perfect life complete with his dream home, dream minivan and marrying his dream girl Kavya. When he has to travel to India for a job assignment, his life goes topsy-turvy. 6790552454374102821-account_id=2

A case of mistaken identity, this film will see this Sundar, Susheel Gentleman drop his frying pan and turn risky, when he picks up a gun to protect himself, Kavya and keep his dreams from going kaput.