MissingMISSING – Doesn’t Misses the Right Thrill.

Mukul Abhyankar-The Director brings in a thriller that is well-spinned and keeps you hooked with the right wit and doesn’t disappoint you at all. It is indeed the films cast that is perfectly in place for not to let you miss this Missing. Go for it!!!

No Spoilers ahead.

Manoj Bajpai and Tabu come together after nearly two decades to tantalize your intellect in Mukul Abhyankar’s psychological thriller that wittily and weirdly succeeds to keep you wander of what lies ahead and keeps your interest high in knowing the mystery. The writing is tweaked than usual and that’s why it is defined as weird and this weirdness of writing brings in the wit that actually makes you laugh making this psychological thriller light. A daughter is lost in a resort they check-in and Manoj Bajpai says lets not call cops it may spoil the Hotel’s reputation. Weird right? The film has such weird elements but that’s the genre of the film you watch in Missing –where a quite decent plot evolves enticing your intellect post interval.

Tabu is marvelous, simple, sober and its her sheer performance that doesn’t go missing at all from any of her films. She delivers yet another performance where she plays right from being vulnerable to being a pillar strength of the character she plays. Annu Kapoor is where the wit lies, he is that Karamchand who has two male Kitties to resolve the mystery that isn’t funny but the execution definitely gets funny. Missing is indeed a comic psychological thriller with Annu Kapoor in it.

The film definitely could have been better have it been the support cast would have been as good as the lead cast along with a crisp writing. Annu Kapoor’s introduction is funny. The Madaam, the body language, it seems intentionally funny but at times they actually don’t mean it. It just turned out funny; the good thing is, it works most of the times. The good thing is the director doesn’t make you lose loose the plot, in spite of their loose ends where they do say themselves the story has loopholes but nevertheless Missing entertains.

Verdict: Silver***