Mukkabaaz – A solid Anurag Kashyap Punch!!!
Anurang Kashyap brings a punch true to its genre where right from performances to writing, one liners to motivational lyrics, music to background score, from fear factor to the moment of victory; Mukkabaaz roars. In victory lies failure; in failure lies victory.

A story inspired by true events and facts; keeps you intrigued to the plot unfolding events. Mukkabaaz brings lot of hakka-bakka moments. Jimmy Shergil is the super mogambo of the film who has Zero opportunity to say “Mogambo khush hua” with every defeat he becomes more and more mean. He comes as a great menace and you love watching him. Mukkabaaz is one of his best performances till date where without punches he leaves a great punch. High on ego, high on cruelty, zero forgiving character, playing Bhagwan he brings a super shaitaan on screen. You literally wait for him to appear on screen. The magic of Bad man is high. He is cruel giving tough to everybody but the Hero.

The Hero Vineet Kumar Singh comes from the school of Anurag Kashyap films and seems he graduated brilliant. This is a film that puts him right out there showcasing how content can open the wide spectrum to bring the performance on the platter and make you shine bright. He gets everything right, be it an attitude required by the character he plays, be it his physique as a boxer and of course the brawl he takes at the full throttle. He shapes out marvelous as Shravan, who back answers and gives his parents on their face; when passion becomes fashion, you laugh unapologetically. He knocks his boss down too, when he is rubbed wrong making him go wet in his pants and then recording the same, you laugh unapologetically. You love the Hero you see has emerged. This is where Anurag Kashyap leaves his signature. Mukkabaaz comes as a real hardcore Anurag Kashyap film that is fearless, rustic and has a soul of Indian Story.

Zoya Hussain’s screen presence is brilliant, she emotes and speaks through her eyes, her persona is strong and her character stands strong in spite of the plot where you will find Men ruling the game. Ravi Kishen is in the skin of his character; playing a coach to Shravan, he becomes a part of the scuffle he wouldn’t have. He impresses you with his diction, his screen presence.

Anurag Kashyap with Mukkabaaz just doesn’t take you inside the boxing ring; he gives you a true flavor of the dark truth. India is a nation where the film on boxing will make 40 crores plus business but when the actual tournament happens turning out 4000 people to watch also is a challenge. He succeeds to showcase, in spite of you having it all, you just don’t have to fight; the fight within the ring, the main fight lies outside the ring, only if you succeed outside, you land up inside the ring. The sociopolitical pressure that becomes the hindrance in not just your game but in personal life too. Vineet Kumar Singh puts a soul with his performance in the character of Shravan and you see the true story rolling on celluloid.

Mukkabaaz – Go take the real hard punch in cinemas near you.

Verdict: Gold ****
P.S. The film releases Jan 12th, 2018.