#October – The soul blossoms in April!!!

Shoojit Sircar brings in a fresh breeze with October. A soulful film that makes you rOCtober filmetrospect life in altogether different angle; the subject that may sulk you down in sadness but he succeeds to ring in some genuine laughter’s that are organic and you would fall in love with Varun Dhawan delivering Dan at such ease and simplicity.

Shoojit Sircar known for his out of the box subjects and execution continues to win hearts and October is yet another feather on this Directors hat. The good thing is he never sets your expectation high, if you go by the trailer you may probably see this as a sad story but what October does is helps you make you laugh in the situations life throws on us. The film is based on one such simple logic and the innocence of Dan is something you would fall for. The Hotel management student who is completing his Diploma in Hotel Management at a reputed five-star hotel who is constantly nipped by his manager due to his mischievous innocence at display is punished quite often with various odd jobs at the hotel. Dan is positive, ambitious of starting something of his own. The slice of life continues to tickle you rightly and one such incident and you feel all the fun is gone, this is where the director succeeds to make you experience the ups and downs and gives you a different perspective to look at in not so easy situations and ensures you smile.

Banita Sandhu, Dan’s classmate, co-worker who plays Shiuli has little to do yet her tragedy is something that helps you evolve Dan, his sensibility, his sensitivity that comes along the series of events is something that makes this slice of life film a soulful film. It’s a new year’s eve and the staff parties within the hotel on one of the roof-tops where an incident occurs. Everyone does gets in a shock state for a while but the life continues to go on with more challenges and more laughter’s that you may think will not form part of this. This is where October differs and gives you a new angle to retrospect. So while the situations are not so great, the day to day life is not impacted and people find strength with the people around. Some may throw in their negativity some may throw in their hopes; it is the sheer positive attitude that matters that help the life grow. So irrespective of what you are going through, sit back, relax, stay positive and let the life flow.

Juhi Chaturvedi’s writing is the key factor that lets October blossom to its fullest.

You can choose to be part of the problem or be a part of the solution. The director/writer work together at this level, reflecting in a very minuscule detail, you would see this quote on the wall in one of the scenes that comes out from Varun’s room. But more than the wall, it is indeed the reflection of this quote on Dan’s attitude that works best. He choses to be part of the solution with a strong hope towards life, that’s October for you, that’s Dan for you. It is not how you can act too loud; it is how soft you can get with your act too. Varun Dhawan delivers and continues to blossom.

October – Blossoming in the cinemas near you. A must must watch.

Verdict: Platinum*****