Omerta – A deep dive into a dark life!!!

OmertaHansal Mehta brings you a story of the creation of the Deadly Man. You wonder if Educated person can turn into a terror menace and lead an army to destroy the world. Where rage is pure revenge, anger flows Rajkumar Rao yet again brings you a character that speaks through his eyes, betrays with innocence and gives you shiver down your spine with his butchering act all at utter ease. You will love to hate the evil in Rajkumar Rao.

The film is not much on length but the impact is huge that’s the charisma this actor director duo brings in. Looking at the initial credits, what surprises is the writer of the film. Mukul Dev an actor turned first time writer with Omerta succeeds to pen it right. He develops a biography into an engaging drama without turning out a complete documentary. The film has real life footages from the famous Indian Airlines flight 814 Hijack and September 2011 US Twin Tower attacks giving you the thump of the magnum these terrorist attacks had. The famous kidnapping of the American Journalist and its complete eviction, the film has it all. It’s a non Hero film that speaks about the villain without glorifying giving you the real story graph that showcases what goes into the making of such terrorists. The film succeeds to showcase the sponsored state terrorism, manipulating the minds with the wrong interpretation of Jihad turning them Hannibal’s of the society.

Omerta has the right cast, a perfect background score that raises the right curiosity. The idea of lights showcasing the darkness of the character is mind-blowing. The butchering final act is where director use torches to just highlight Omerta and not the act is something that leaves you spellbound.

Bollywood Director bringing something like this is a rare. A film that runs 97 minutes without interval captivates your mind into the darkness of not just the cinema hall; indeed, it gives you a deep dive into a dark life.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s