#Padman – Sanitary Social Satire

Padman – Big B’s voice opens up the trailer asserting India’s superhero – Padman.


Our true Hero Akshay Kumar in and as plays Padman who is here to educate and spread the word to the rural deprived India on sanitary pads. No other medium could be as strong as the medium of films. R Balki brings an unbelievable True Story making you belief the Change begins from you.

Before you read ahead, Dive into the world of Padman at the trailer link below:


Akshay’s opening line “You thinking I mad –but Mad only becoming famous” is a motivation in itself to break the daily norms and roll the balls to do something gutsy; something different. Hero is within each one of us, we just have to make it Super. The tag line is born here “Super Hero hai yeh Pagla”. R Balki comes with a crisp writing on the subject that is Taboo will become talk of the town soon and there would be brands who would vouch for this Padman Movement. The background song decoding the norm of Super Hero and defining Padman comes as an insight into the title.

“I not studying IIT but IIT studying me” is the kind of writing that appeals, that motivates and mesmerizes you into the world of Padman. Akshay Kumar continues to deliver. Radhika Apte is in the skin of her character playing Mrs.Padman. Sonam Kapoor looks fresh in her avatar shouldering the responsibility raising the bar of Padman.

The last punch of the trailer is gonna raise the thunder of claps to be witnessed in the auditorium coming republic day. The superhero most likely is gonna be taxfree soon after it’s release.

Akshay Kumar is indeed the Superhero by the choices of the films he does.

Anticipated Verdict: Gold****