Permanent Roommates much awaited Season 2 is now available for you to watch on

With its first episode itself; the series seems to be Bang-on. Waving on the current generation trend, it has some great elements you would connect with it immediately.

permanent-roommatesThe humor Sumeet Vyas brings in; under the currents of possible pregnancy makes the plot for this season 2 as far as the first episode goes. Veteran Actor Asrani right from his Sholay days to this generation is flawless and TVFs brilliant choice of casting him as a Grand Father brings in the grand laughter at the end of the episode just to bring it up back in the next ones.

With the couple’s perfect plan comes up an imperfect situation making a path for some brilliant performances en-route of this situational comedy.

How TVF online series differs from the series you would see on Television is its real content; real slang language the youth today speaks with the F word going on high beep on television or it may just doesn’t exist in the writer’s vocabulary. Out here the F word comes effortlessly creating a real connect with its viewers. Nidhi Singh delivers the F word without any flaws in this flawlessly achieved pregnancy. Sumeet Vyas denying the fact that he has taken all the possible precautions to not let go her eggs fertile. Brilliantly bringing in some gyan (knowledge) pepped up with the humor.

Nidhi is focused with their plan for 5 years and destiny would had it comes the imperfect situation which they need to handle. First episode gives you a clue of what lies ahead but you never know where the story would lead to until you continue to watch on

When any series has a Part 2, its obvious the first one has achieved what it makes a show successful. Permanent Roommates season 2 comes with the baggage to deliver a superior content than the previous one; and as you would see with the first episode at the link below the writer is crisp, sharp and witty in her writing ensuring you have a great watch in coming weeks too.

You can watch it along with your permanent or a non permanent roommate and continue enjoying. The next episode comes online on Feb 28th, 2016.

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