#Rangoon – Bloody Hell

Rangoon Trailer – Vishal Bhardwaj brings in the canvas that always new to the Bollywood. Love triangles have always been interesting to watch. What adds more value to Rangoon is the backdrop of the world war bringing in the era where history has always spoken about the War. Vishal Bhardwaj brings in some Love in this era at it’s best.


Rangoon Trailer
Rangoon Trailer


Witness the Rangoon Trailer and you would break the code of tag line Bloody Hell

(Rangoon Trailer) Bloody Hell that’s Kangana Raunat the unstoppable, a brilliant discovery to Bollywood that has happened as “toofan ki beti” she is gonna roar in Rangoon and bring in the required Thunders with her charisma. The Director Vishal Bhardwaj knows how to bring in the dark humor in such kind of era too. The trailer right from frame one holds your attention, the air strike, the independence march than you hear “Bambai”, EROS the historical introduces you to witness the Kangana on the galloping horse bringing in her Bloody Hell avatar is indeed a gutsy entry; however, it could be only Vishal Bhardwaj’s chutzpah that let him walk away shining bright from such drama. His passion for cinema tops up everything brining in the best experience on the celluloid.

It’s a casting coup too good to be true. Shahid Kapoor Versus Saif Ali Khan for a girl is not new who wins in the reel life is to witnessed on Feb 24th, 2017 when Rangoon visits us.

The chemistry Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Raunat rings in Rangoon is quite visible in a 3-minute trailer. Saif Ali Khan’s has a big meat role with some brilliant lines is standing tall to win over the bloody hell’s love.

Pankaj Kumar the cinematographer is the one who would be thanked for bringing the era live. The fort scene where Indians walk the rally of Independence already steals your attention as it wears the skin of reality than just VFX. It’s a production at it’s grandeur for the story teller who is grandiose. Hat’s off Vishal Bhardwaj we look forward to the Date Feb 24th, 2017.

Anticipated  Verdict: Gold****