Ranvir-Neha Got Each Other’s Back!

…even when they were not onscreen!

There are some friendships that make you excel, according to debutant director Munish Bhardwaj, his MOH MAYA MONEY stars have the best of that.

MOH MAYA MONEY is a story about Aman (Ranvir Shorey), who is a real estate broker working in a multinational. Aman often skims money from his company for the want of a better life. His greed leads him to a series of unfortunate events which snowball beyond his control putting his and his wife Divya (Neha Dhupia)’s life in jeopardy. As a solution to the fix he finds himself in, he gets desperate enough to involve his begrudging wife in a white collar crime which entangles completely innocent strangers in it, leading to an end neither could imagine.

Through the film there are many complex scenes and both Ranvir and Neha ensured that they were there for each other, even times when they had the day off. “There are scenes wherein the protagonists are speaking to each other on a call, in different locations, but Neha and Ranvir were there at both locations. (To give cues to each other so that the other one gets the exact emotion) It is this will to ensure that you help the others performance and in the bargain better your own, which really inspired everyone of us on the sets,” exclaimed Bhardwaj.

What more could a first time director want, when everyone is conspiring to get the best out for the film?

A Delhi Talkies production MOH MAYA MONEY, stars Ranvir Shorey, Neha Dhupia along with Devendra Chauhan, Vidushi Mehra, Ashwath Bhatt and is produced by Sandeep Narula and is slated to release on 11th November.