Taapsee Pannu who has a lot of projects lined up this year is one of those Bollywood actresses who loves fashion and glamour and is a Tom boy. 
  • Fitness freak- Taapsee Pannu is one girl who loves working out and being in shape just like everyone else but she’s not the one who hits the gym every time. Taapsee is more of a martial arts and a Krav Maga girl. No matter what she always will make it a point of not ditching her fitness daily regime. 
  • Sports enthusiast- Being interested in working out is one thing and playing sports because of ones passion is a different thing in itself. Taapsee who religiously follows different sports is a sports personality herself. She is very fond of racquet sports and can easily beat anyone’s ass be it in a game of Squash, Tennis or Badminton. 
  • Biker Girl- Taapsee Has always preferred riding a bike than a moped. According to her riding a bike is super fun and thrilling. In fact she’s one of the first fine actresses of Bollywood who is the face of a motorcycle selling brand. 
  • Taapsee Pannu is one actress in B-Town who gave an amazing performance in an action film. Taapsee managed to the sequence and her stunts on her own in her film Baby. Taapsee has previously worked in a lot of action South Indian films even in which she on her own performed her set of stunts. She is one unconventional actor who believes that performing your own stunts makes a stronger person and it is also exciting and thrilling and it doesn’t require stunt men because if they can do you , so can you.. Taapsee’s  next is going to be a film with Amitabh Bachchan called ‘Pink’