RunningShaadi – Fun on the Run

The Director Amit Roy with ease delivers the ace rom-com that has a fresh breeze of chemistry of Amit Sadh and Taapsee Pannu along with their wacky companion Arsh Bajwa who is hilarious in his own aura ringing in the right humor need a mention.

Taapsee Pannu continues to impress and Amit Sadh is superlative too. Their chemistry makes a great watch.

Running Shaadi


The title was changed due to copyright issues of portal and you will see on word occurrence the sound goes mute but this doesn’t hamper the fun on the go. Being the title itself you very well know of what they are talking about.

Amit sadh to begin with plays a salesman at a saree shop that belongs to Taapsee’s father. Taapsee Pannu has a great chemistry with Amit whose name itself is “Barose”. Amit Sadh is simple, innocent, trust worthy, a guy next door character. Taapsee is as always bold, strong and clear with right amount of vulnerability in her character plays Nimmi a typical Punjabi girl. The film is based in Amritsar and has the right flavor of the city. Arsh Bajwa who plays Cyberjeet and worships Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, wears a pagdi that has a facebook Like symbol, T-shirts that states that he has been using IPhone since you were born. It’s his debut too along with the director and he connects with you instantly.

The accidental venture that happens to them without much of brain storming and they succeed to follow their heart, making the bride and the groom elope successfully ringing in the wedding bells through their portal Until one fine day, gets trapped in his own case where the Taapsee happens to the bride and groom Amit has no clue. This is where the fun begins and their chase gives you a nail biting experience too. Their safe landing at Patna too doesn’t seem to be any safe, though you successfully predict the films next move yet the film doesn’t fail to impress you with its wittiest execution. The bride breaks into a great song act amusing you to the core bringing out your laugh out loud moment.

The film lives up to its title of Running and is fast paced even the songs that are hardly any doesn’t really kill the pace of the film. It synchronizes the right emotion taking the story ahead. is a must Run you should take this weekend.

Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s