Rock On 2 – Dark Depressive Documentary.

8 years Revival seems to be more stale than afresh stake of earlier version. Rock-On 2 is by far dark, depressive and more of documentary than an entertainer. Meghalaya is beautifully captured; captured so beautifully that ROCK-ON2 is nothing but a travel ad; so much so that, they show you a Meghalaya Tourist Ad before the movie as well. Excel Entertainers need to excel in their product rather than selling a travel product without any story integration.

rock_on_2_posterRock-On had the soul, the crux of the plot was friendship over musical band. Rock-On2 takes the relationships for granted and tries hard to impress with its not so impressive numbers, acting or say a plot. With a title that has lot of Zing, everything is dull in a movie. The color of the film is dark, lit beautifully in amidst of candles and natural light yet the effect it has is depressing rather than enhancing. Each character be it anybody fails to spark in this darkness.


Farhan Akhtar is repetitive, Purab Kohli is easy on eyes, Arjun Rampal is good too. But just good is understatement for someone who won the National Award for the earlier version doesn’t even has a supporting role here it seems. Aloofed, alone somewhere in Meghalaya Farhan is trying to showcase he is doing “Prayaschit” shit. There is an underplot shit of some political influences in Meghalaya, the disaster, the relief, the relief fund, the misery. All so uncalled that it makes your watch a more of documentary than a musical entertainer.


Shraddha Kapoor’s freshness also couldn’t save this Rock-On2 to go stale. Though she is easy on eyes but the plot badly belongs to Farhan Akhtar who depresses you to the core with not so logical reasoning of He being so depressive. Prachi Desai his wife at a point can leave him and we still think to sit through this shit.  Prachi Desai in that one scene will reminds you that she comes from Ekta Kapoor’s school of acting. A forced emotional drama indeed with no soul.


In an out and out musical film, where Shankar Ehsaan Loy are credited twice for Original Score and music, whatever that means, they fail to avail one song that remains with you post the film other than what was repeated from Rock-on. Rock-on was classic of this generation which should have remained untouched.

Rock-On2 is a scar on Rock On.

Verdict: Tin**