#ROCKON2 – History Shall Repeat

Rock-On was a brilliant take on the musical films in Bollywood. Something that looked an extended version of Dil Chahta Hai then proved me wrong. RockOn was fresh, relevant, it touched the right chord of emotions with its music, lyrics, characters. And now the team is back with the zing of Shraddha Kapoor and the newbie on the rock band Shashank Arora aka Titli. Rock-On 2 seems brilliant and we only hope it rocks the audience as good as its earlier version and stands out better.


The reunion of Rock-On2 extends and comes live on screen this Nov 2016 on 11th. Dive into the link below to witness the magic that would Rock the Generation Next soon. There is no stopping.

Farhan Akhtar kills it as always with his voice and his attitude. Shraddha Kapoor yet again has a role that has meat to showcase her mettle yet again. She is indeed presented well and is a performer. Rock-On gave Arjun Rampal an award that he must be cherishing till date and forever; The National Award. He looks stellar yet again in this version.

The musicals Shankar Ehsaan Loy are the three souls of Rock-On whose creations are blended and brewed together to rock the Rock-On2.

The change is the Director from Abhishek Kapoor to Shujaat Saudagar and we only hope he does justice to what stands as a History already.

We are positive he would. Whether or not he would stay tuned here.

Anticipated Verdict: Gold****