Indian Cinema at its Best. Here comes yet another movie that raises goose-bumps making you feel for your country. Seventy MM Screen becomes the Boxing Ring – at the price of film ticket you get to watch the near to perfect Live Boxing Match. The Director Sudha Kongara succeeds to make you sit with your chin up giving you a nail biting experience watching Ritika Singh delivering the best Punch. Don’t miss it – Take the Best Punch.

Saala Khadoos is a cinema that motivates you. It’s a cinema that gets you closer to your country. It’s a cinema that salutes Indian Women for fighting against all odds and making the Tricolor Shine Strong. Inspired by a True Story – Saala Khadoos becomes a must watch. Soon would be Tax-Free.

Production quality, cinematography and rest of the cast makes the Saala Khadoos experience a great watch along with Sound design and background score. Though movie has few songs that doesn’t disturb the screenplay indeed it helps take the story ahead.


It’s a story of the Boxing Coach well played rather enacted by R Madhavan perfectly in the skin of Adi Tomar – The Coach. His perfect arrogance lives up to the title “Saala Khadoos”. The pitch of his voice, his dialogue delivery, his intense eyes is what makes this Coach Saala Khadoos a great watch. In spite of his tendencies to fall for women he is headstrong with the goal under focus and never ever deviates from the vision of achieving it.

Ritika Singh – Her firing attitude; aspirations developed by her Coach, her chemistry with Madhavan is brilliant. She succeeds to transform the 70mm screen to a boxing ring; coming from the boxing background delivers some best punches; be it boxing punches or dialogue punches she delivers with an ace. At times as Madhi her onscreen character and at times as Ritika Singh playing her game well. It is this combination that brings in a WOW factor making you enjoy the great integration of Cinema and Sports.

Saala Khadoos – It’s a must experience.