Sex Chat with #PappuAndPapa – YRF films kills the Taboo – brings you a chat probably none of us must have had. But it’s coming somewhere there breaking the ice on your smart televisions. Preparing your children to initiate your vivas. Something that is Taboo may no longer be a taboo more than just a TV series this one is gonna educate, titillate and tickle your funny bones as wholesome entertainment package.
No more shying away it seems in the near future. As it is coming from the YRF production  we believe it will have the right sensibilities in the content comforting you with your very own people.
Unique in its concept; yet the most common core part of everyone’s lives. Striking the right chord – cheers to YRF films for ringing in something new this monsoon.
It is a web series and would be available on YRF Youtube Channel at the link below:
Check out the trailer of the same: