The Shape of Water – Scientific yet soulful!!!

Shape of Water

Nobody does like Hollywood does. Shape of water is indeed a two pairs of bonded electrons and two unshared lone pairs. One is Elisa played by Sally Hawkins and the other is amphibian creature played by Doug Jones; together yet separate.

Guillermo del Toro The director brings the shape of water flowing in this fantasy drama film that emotes through gestures and eye contact and of course the Music. Elisa is mute and uses sign language to communicate. Doug Jones is an amphibian creature under captive state at secret government laboratory. This is where Elisa works and comes across this creature she starts falling for progressively. Zelda played by Octavia Spencer is brilliant yet again post her last film The Shack (2017) is a co-worker with great sense of humor and best buddy of Elisa also plays her interpreter most of the times. She makes you with some brilliant lines; one of them “Popcorn is popped to prevent masturbation” only makes you laugh out loud. Both of these great ladies work as Janitors and are given a task to clean the mess in the restricted areas. Elisa comes across the creature and is able to communicate with the creature progressively. Their camaraderie is emotional and hits the right chord. Creature created is mesmerizing, his eyes roll beautifully, the sound design is super.There simply love story is layered brilliantly with other parallel motives that form part of The Shape of Water. A scientist who is also a soviet spy who wants to keep the creature alive for further study, than there is someone who wants to exploit it for space race. The only one who wants to set it free is Elisa, the love, it flows between all this blood, violence and reality. With her brilliant screen presence and naturally superlative performance Sally Hawkins not just wins creatures heart, she spell bounds her audience too.

The film is as beautiful as it can be, captive and enthralling. It is an incredible fantasy love story. The director succeeds to make you believe in their story; their otherwise improbable romantic bond.

Verdict: Gold****