#Shivaay – Shhhhh Shit!!!

The trailer that defined the expectations sky-rocket high so much so that the anticipated verdict was platinum standing tall at five stars; the film doesn’t even stand anywhere close to the expectations. The first trailer of Shivaay did take everyone by storm; pausing and taking a note of the kind of execution one can expect. Everybody cheered Ajay Devgn and the Shivaay track was brilliant and stands brilliant but Alas everything just remains there. Post that nothing impressed us be it any other song or another Trailer. Now after seeing the movie, it seems like Humpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall.

Shivaay is nothing but the overdose of Ajay Devgn; He can act and has done some brilliant work. We know he is a brilliant actor. Why try so hard proving? Shivaay is nothing but his self obsessed attempt to stand tall without any other noticeable face in the movie be it both the actresses, his daughter or for that matter the villains. Have it been the Mountain Man would have crafted a story chasing his daughter to Bombay than Bulgaria with our very own heroines the connect would have been far better. Inspite of having a decent story, brilliant execution, magnum production Shivaay fails for one big reason is its emotional connect. Everything seems to be plastic, at a great altitude, they are gearing up for some serious trek and a night before over the camp they are drinking beer. Shivaay smoking Chillum to give himself the Lord Look, firang Heroine comes and asks him other symbols of Shiva in him and asks a question Shiva with a Y why? That’s exactly what we felt for the movie. Why? Why make such a self obsessed product to prove your mettle as if this is your launch vehicle.

Rather than banning ADHM for having Pakistani actors, Shivaay has more foreign actors than Indian actors. On top of that, Ajay Devgn, behaves racist christening his daughter with a name “Gora” or “Gorah”. It doesn’t matter apologies for being sarcastic. But watching Shivaay for you guys after reading this review is really gonna be simple than Mushkil.

They fall in love and accidentally Ajay Devgn fertilizes her eggs to give a birth to unwanted Gorah. The reaction Ajay Devgn brings in on pregnancy was real funny than defining as a performance oriented. She gifts Ajay Devgn a baby girl and BOOM she disappears. You see the girl has grown up to 8 years and after a tragedy occurs. She realizes she has a Mom and gets on the mission to meet her. This does takes away lot of time until you reach here and trust me this is all going dull.  Shivaay is almost 8 minutes less than a 3-hour movie. So it does takes time and by this time you may end up snoring but thanks to some brilliant action coming right there before the interval that awakes you like as if someone shook you out of the sleep. The first trailer you had seen, everything lies here just before the interval. With his third eye opening, Shivaay brings in the much needed interval.


Only because of the pre-interval 20 minutes of some action, you somewhere decide to stay back the next half. Wrong decision. The second half is all the more sad. It almost seems like you have entered another auditorium watching another movie. Shivaay has now become Salman Khan walking on the streets of Bulgaria with his hoody on and kicking people left right and center. He looks as convincing as Salman Khan that’s a plus point. The background score sync from the pre-interval to post-interval has changed tremendously. Good or Bad I leave that upto you to decide if incase you end-up watching. There is additional torture in the disguise of comedy coming from VirDas.

There is nothing much left in the second half, he needs his kidnapped daughter back, the chase is on, though he himself was looking for the birth-giver mother, when he comes across her, he questions why are you here? Come–on give us a break, the firang heroine is too bad at bringing in emotions, forget the connection with the audience.

Girish Karnad is the only actor for whom they afford to get brilliant dialogues, the only dialogue that may comes out along with you from the movie is “Kisiko toh Khada hona padega” Audience applauds, claps and what not.

Eventually, with few more chases, action sequences, they bring an end to the Shivaay.

You sigh a relief with a deep breath.

Next thing you take a look on time and you feel like Gawd…..Shivaay Ssshhhh shit.

Verdict: Tin**