Our Love professors, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar definitely know that the first step to being in a successful relationship is to be honest to your partner about your insecurities. First day in love school did help a lot of couples shed their inhibitions and reveal their insecurities or rather deepest confessions with Karan and Anusha’s help.


The first ‘ Ice Breaker’ task, as our love gurus call it saw a lot of drama and tears. Couples made confessions about their respective partners and some confessions even shocked our hosts.


A few of the confessions are as follows: “I’d rather watch porn than get physically intimate with my partner”, “My partner isn’t romantic, he or she doesn’t know how to make love to me”, “Agar humare relationship me pyaar na bhi ho, my partner will still be with me for money” and “I feel like my partner is attracted to somebody else on Love School.”