SING – A brilliant Visual Melody.

singComing from the house of minions. Illumination Production’s SING is one colorful musical brilliance – A Must Take Experience. Director Garth Jennings has done a brilliant integration of some of the classic songs to his story making it nostalgic and a great fun watch. The animated movies often have more than just the animation SING Stands out. They convey deep insights strong messages in a very light way without bogging you down with too much of emotion.

SING is a brilliant visual melody you must hear. It has a well crafted story with the layers of anxiety, confidence, talent and undying spirit of hitting rock-bottom and rising sky high. From frame one they succeed to tickle you making you laugh out loud. The depth of creativity is so high that with each passing minute you have a WOW factor until you get absorbed into the musical kingdom of all the beautiful creatures in their colorful avatars. Wild at its beautifully best.

SING is the story of the creature Koala playing BUSTER voiced by Matthew sing2McConaughey who has an eye-popping reptile secretary creature green iguana senile playing Karen voiced by director himself Garth Jennings; their camaraderie to run their theater is something to look forward to. BUSTER runs a musical theater that has not been doing great since quite a while plans to have a Singing competition that announces the award too good to be true; it attracts all the creatures bringing the creativity mode at it’s best. You got to see it to believe it. It’s a visual treat to the eyes, melodious to the ears, rightly tickles your funny bones and surpasses creativity at its imaginary best. Check out the way Koala and sheep get into washing cars or for that matter check out the movie and you would know how SING stands out in all the aspects.

Don’t forget to tag your kids along with their friends. It is a must watch film for the entire family. Highly recommended.

Verdict: PLATINUM*****